Find the Right
School So Your
Child Can Thrive


October 13 & 14 at
6:30pm EST / 5:30pm CST

Join us for an intimate conversation with admissions directors from some of the top Schools for Kids Who Learn Differently in the country. Gain insight into what happens behind the scenes once you hit “submit” on your application. Find out what schools are really looking for in their candidates. 

At this complimentary Virtual School Fair, you will discover the personality of each school and understand where your child will thrive—socially, academically, emotionally and in all the other ways that are important to you and your unique child.

Complimentary, engaging and interactive Virtual School Fair. 


Applications are due as early as December 15th. The time to take action is right now.

  • Don't waste time (and money), applying to the wrong schools.

  • Schools are already scheduling tours and interviews. Figure out which ones you should be visiting. 

  • The fall only gets busier. Take the time now to do your research and get the help you need. .


The admissions process can be lengthy and complicated. Start your journey on the right foot.

  • Get clarity to make the right decision. You shouldn’t be expected to know all of this on your

  • All in one place. We bring the admissions directors to you and give you the chance to talk to them yourself. 

  • Get the right tools. Find out the questions to ask yourself, your child and the schools you’re
    interested in so you can decide where to apply.

Visiting Schools

*October 13, 2021

The Greenwood School

Landmark School

Middlebridge School

Brehm Prepatory School

The Forman School

Eagle Hill School

*October 14, 2021

The Vanguard School

Oxford Academy

The Gow School

Franklin Academy

Woodhall School

Darrow School

The Virtual School Fair Experience includes

  • Small group sessions with each of the schools so you can chat directly with the admissions officers.

    This will allow you to understand the differences between the schools you are considering and their unique advantages.

  • Guided panel discussion led by College & Prep consultants so you get an inside look at the admissions process. 

    Hear from admissions directors about what they’re looking for in a candidate and see what happens once you submit your application.

  • Question & Answer time so you can ask the questions that are most important to you and your child.

    Understand the criteria you're using to choose schools and whether they're the right criteria for your child's needs.

  • Opportunity for a private 20-minute complimentary consultation with a College & Prep consultant to help you discover the best fit for your child.

    In these sessions you will review what you learned at the school fair, explore some options for your child and identify your next action steps.

  • College & Prep's proprietary School Fair Guide, which will help you clarify and focus your school search.

    The guide provides a template for both you and your child to start mapping out your ideal schools, along with space to capture insights and answers from the Virtual School Fair.​

Find the Right School So  Your Child Can Thrive

*Details can be subject to change. 


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